Unbreaking Linux Sound

So I got it working. I switched on the onboard sound and used that crazy oss stuff. There was a degree of poking involved to remove a lot of background hiss but I can now watch YouTube videos and use Amarok.

(aside: it’s very annoying that because Amarok is a KDE app, I need all the KDE gumpf to get it working. In particular, I have to install kcontrol in order to set a proxy server to make the Amarok lyric engine work)

Then I spent a Linux hacking hour getting the volume controls on my keyboard working. Time was, I just would have expected them to not work, but I seem to have some spare mental capacity for this meaningless tinkering.

Anyway, I started following these instructions, which worked fine with a bit of shell hackery. I love the way that I have to string together a series of awk commands to get my volume control to work. It makes the geek part of me feel all warm and fuzzy. The control doesn’t work properly with the gnome graphical widget despite further efforts. Still, I’m happy with it.

All this tinkering leaves me with the conclusion that I haven’t got enough hacking to do. I’m thinking of getting involved in one of the Python graph drawing toolkits, such as NetworkX. It looks like working on the EDGE project has turned graph drawing into something of a hobby. Well, we’ll see how I get on.


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